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This membership level allows full access to the online mindfulness course for one year, which includes all 9 sessions (Introduction and 8 sessions based on MBSR/MBCT). Each module contains a 90-minute video of Dr. Sears leading the sessions, PDF handouts with important session topics and home practice assignments, and downloadable audio recordings to practice for the week. Participants can watch the videos whenever they like, and complete the home practice assignments at their own pace.

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Terms & Conditions

By accepting these terms and conditions, I am agreeing to the following:

-Purpose of the course

I am purchasing access to a fully online course to learn mindfulness. I understand that this is a skill-building course and is not intended to be used as psychotherapy. Even though the facilitator, Richard Sears, is a licensed psychologist in Ohio, he is serving as a course instructor, and is not taking on a professional therapeutic relationship with me. While I may share my challenges and questions about learning the skills of mindfulness, I will not share deeply personal or mental health concerns in the course, though mental health may be discussed in a general educational way.

-Limits of confidentiality

Because this course is intended to be educational and not therapeutic, and because there may be interactions with other participants in the course, there can be no true confidentiality in the course interactions. I also understand that because the course and my interactions take place on the internet, information can possibly be intercepted, so I will refrain from sharing sensitive information about myself. I also understand that my email address will never be sold to or shared with anyone else, although I may be sent occasional emails to inform me of information related to the online courses, such as upcoming online events or retreats.

-Access to audio and video recordings

I agree that the handouts and the audio and video recordings are only for my own private use, and will not share them with others outside my household.

-An opportunity to interact with the instructor and other participants through online forums and video conferences

If I purchase access to the online forum discussions and video conferences, I agree to interact with others in a civilized manner, with topics related to the content of the mindfulness course. I understand that it would not be appropriate to share serious personal issues or mental health challenges in the forum or in any live sessions.

-Possibility of challenging emotional experiences

I understand that in learning the skills of mindfulness, there is a possibility that uncomfortable thoughts, emotions, and body sensations may arise. While I may share my concerns in a general way, I will seek professional help for myself outside of the mindfulness course if these experiences become too overwhelming.

-Learning and having fun

Pardon the legalese — our biggest intention is for you to learn a lot about your own mind and to have fun doing so!