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Psychologist and mindfulness expert Dr. Richard Sears is now offering online training! The mindfulness courses below are based on the well-researched protocols of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction by Jon Kabat-Zinn and colleagues and Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy by Zindel Segal and colleagues. Please note that these are educational courses only, and while they are designed to develop important skills for dealing with stress and other significant life challenges, they are not intended to serve as psychotherapy.

Since you have full access to the entire course, you can watch the video of each session as many times as you like. For those who want to develop mastery of the material, you can take yourself through the entire program several times, and print out a graduation certificate each time to document your experience.

Watch the video clip below for a sample from the Introduction session:

For the full 8-week mindfulness video program, choose the package that is right for you:

Online Mindfulness Course Only

This membership level allows full access to the online mindfulness course, which includes all 9 sessions (Introduction and 8 sessions based on MBSR/MBCT). Each module contains a 90-minute video of Dr. Sears leading the sessions, PDF handouts with important session topics and home practice assignments, and downloadable audio recordings to practice for the week. Participants can watch the videos whenever they like, and complete the home practice assignments at their own pace. At the end, you can print your own graduation certificate.

As a bonus, Dr. Sears will also occasionally post additional video and audio lectures on various topics for members only.

$295 NOW ONLY $195 for an entire year, then $8 per month (paid yearly) if you wish to continue access.

Online Mindfulness Course Plus Online Discussion Forums and Live Video Sessions

Those who choose the Plus package get full access to the video mindfulness course described above (and the bonus page) and can participate in interactive online forum discussions with Dr. Sears and other participants. Plus members also can connect with Dr. Sears live through video conference at least once a month to participate in mindfulness practices and discussions. The conferences will also be video-recorded and archived for those who cannot attend the live sessions.

$595 for an entire year, then $29 per month (paid yearly) if you wish to continue access.

All payments are handled through PayPal, a free and secure payment processing service.

Click here for pricing and to sign up!

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